Bike Rental


Rent a bike from The Bikes, in order to discover all the wonders of the vast territory of Puglia.
We have several bikes to rent: mountain bikes; racing bikes; city bikes; electric bicycles;
Thanks to Fasano geographical position, you can choose to ride down to the sea, enjoy a healthy walk in the hills of our area with a breathtaking view, reaching the old farmhouses scattered here and there in the area, cycle along the Apulian aqueduct or explore the entire valley Itria.

The Bikes of “The Bikes” can be hired by anyone, Italian or foreign.


For rental you need a valid personal document

  1. To get the rental bike you must pay a deposit of EUR 50.00 by cash, which will be returned upon return of the bike, ascertained that there was no damage to it.
  2. The user declares to have good vision of the bike, considering it in good condition and suitable for ordinary use as needed.
  3. The user IS FORCED to never leave the bike unattended for any length of time or for any reason, as in the case of any damage made by third parties, the user himself will answer of it.
  4. In case of theft of the bike, the user IS FORCED to pay 100% of the cost of the rented vehicle.
  5. In case of damage to the bike because of fault, negligence or inability of conduction of the user (or the conductor to which the user has wrongfully given), the user IS FORCED to pay damages .
  6. The user exonerates the renter from any fines that were sent to the renter himself (relative to rental period) ACCEPTING the prompt payment of them by cash or otherwise.
  7. Moreover the user expressly agrees, at the rental bike, to the regulation and price list on the bulletin board in case of damage caused to the vehicle.
  8. Where the matter is not regulated in the next contract, reference is made to the discipline of the Civil Code and the special laws on the subject of the Italian State.

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